Nov 30, 2007

My Dad Can Beat Up Your Dad

Yea, face it, he'd kick your ass. Not even himself. He's got access to the big missles (or close enough) and he could "remove" you on his lunch break.

While he's not my biological father, my mom's husband JC Oberst is currently stationed in Bahrain. He just finished about a 2 or 3 year stint in the Pentagon and his current title is something along the lines of "Commander of Southeast Asia," aka King Kong.

Yea, not Captain Stabbin', not Maxwell Smart. He runs the show, and knows more than we'll ever have a clue about regarding our government, the navy, and the middle east. He's commanding the US Naval Base in Bahrain, as well as another *unofficial* base in Djibouti. You know what the capital of Djibouti is? It's Djibouti fool!

Shake your booty to that, and don't talk smack to me b/c I'll point a laser at your house and watch it disappear seconds later. Suckaaaas!!!!

Source - my mom's and his blog can be seen here:

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Nov 25, 2007

Krumping, for those who don't know

So I've been introduced to a seemingly newer style of...dancing...that apparently began in the US - who knew?? Well I didn't until Manda and Jodi spoke to me about it last weekend.

Watch this video please:

I may just be able to share some aussie krumping by these girls - i don't think they've quite mastered the style :o but they're getting close. It's funny at first, but maybe you'll start to like it? Let me know what you think...or if you already knew about this.

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Nov 23, 2007

More Pics From Brisbane & The Gold Coast

Manda's official 21st bday (drinking age is 18 though so it's a bit more tame...until Saturday's party that is)

Dedicated to my beta fish

Manda & Lauren

Jess & Jodi

Manda & Jodi

Lauren ordered about 10 rounds of shots that night, tequila, absenthe, shooters, vodka, blah!

Jodi, Rachel, Dom, Manda

I found ONE pic from the water park. That green funnel was the sickest water park ride I've ever been on.

Gena thought she could give me a piggy back ride. She was way off, we both crashed. I just took longer to get up :-/

Absenthe shot numero tres! This one took longer to go down.

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Gold Coast - Surfer's Paradise - A Weekend With Lauren & Gena

A weekend at the hostel
Lauren, Gena, and I drove to Surfer’s Paradise on the Gold Coast last Friday morning. It’s only about 45 minutes away from Brisbane (pronounced Briz-ben) where Lauren’s house is. We stayed in a hostel about three blocks from the beach through Sunday. As far as the town and beach go, it actually reminds me of a mix between Miami and Va Beach. Miami just b/c of the numerous condo buildings and hotels – not the people. For that it’s more like Va Beach – just a basic beach town with lots of surf shops, regular shops, and cool beach houses all along the coast and in the hills. We explored a few of the other beaches looking for waves, but it was blown out all weekend. While I did catch some surf, it was nothing worth writing home about. Regardless, it’s a beautiful place and I could live there for sure.

So have you ever stayed in a hostel? I’m not so sure all of my friends could do it…although it is really just like camping. Instead of tents, it’s just an old motel with anywhere from 2-6 beds in a room with a bathroom (I’ve stayed in less accommodating hostels before). There’s a communal kitchen where you can keep and prepare your food. Most of the residents are foreign backpackers of all ages.

The first night the hostel hosted a club night at this new place called Bedroom. We caught a bunch of free taxis with about 30 people, although we ended up only keeping up with a couple. One of our roommates, Patrick (pronounced Pat-treeek with a rolling R), was French and spoke little English. We ended up drinking with him all night long our first night and that got really interesting. Drunken conversation in two languages starts to get a bit ridiculous, particularly when only Gena knew some French. It really just involves a lot of laughing I guess, and probably not accomplishing much other than having a good time and mimicking the other person’s accents. Patrick was really friendly and on a 3 month holiday traveling through Australia and sleeping in hostels. We also met a Welsh kid – pretty young, but really funny acting. Every picture we took with him involved this strange blank look. At the start of the night I just thought I had caught him off guard, but then I noticed that he was actually posing that way.

Dinner - chicken and rolls...mmmm

Sandals all day and all night long

A dirty game of kings. it was Lauren's idea to purchase the nudist playing cards. She figures it's a good "souvenir."

Patrick & Lauren

Gena and Lauren

A flash photo before going to Bedroom

The hostel

Can you spot the welsh kid I mentioned??

The taxi to the club.

Patrick enjoyed giving bunny ears in all his pictures...I didn't know that until looking at these.

This is when I figured out he was actually making that face on purpose.

Surfing banners and signs are everywhere. It's more of a way of life around here - I love it.

Late night eats

Andy Irons

For George...the pic below was tough b/c we couldn't help the reflection.

...and more bunny ears

On Saturday we went to the beach all day. By the afternoon, the entire beach scene had changed. By 6pm, it literally became a festival of 17 year olds. It’s like beach week, but it’s called “Schoolies” and it’s when all the seniors spend their first week of summer at the beach. I kid you not, there were thousands upon thousands of 17 year olds roaming the streets wasted. There were free concerts, dj’s, events, and sectioned off areas of the beach just for them (we couldn’t even get in). I’ve never seen anything like it, but apparently this is considered their “Right of Passage” before beginning Uni (pronounced Yoo-knee and short for University). It’s strangely legal, and even permitted by the parents. In fact, the parents drive them all down and drop them off for the week. The balconies are littered with kids screaming from one hotel to another and into the streets. Honestly, it’s like one big sex, drug, and underage drinking extravaganza, or so it appears. It’s also on the local news every single night in all the cities away from the beach.

So we went out to a beer garden, saw a live band and dj, and made our way back to the hostel amongst all these…kids.

Sunday morning we woke up and headed straight to this pretty sick water park. I wish I brought the camera in b/c some of the rides were awesome. Due to the long lines, the coolest part of the park was the kids area with tons of tiny fast water slides, water hoses, and even a gigantic bucket of water that tipped over everyone about every 20 seconds onto your head, almost creating a permanent part of the hair.

Sunday night we met with Lauren’s friend Manda – who I met in London a year earlier – to celebrate her 21st birthday. It was a great night in this really posh outdoor bar called Elysium. One of the guys I met, Shane, is trying to take a day trip to Byron Bay about 2 hours south this Sunday night and Monday – apparently the surf is pretty amazing down there and the place is overall really tight. Not sure if I’m going to be able to make the trip yet.

I have yet to post my blog about Mon-Wed this week. I went to a place called Moreton Island and stayed in a Villa. This is one of the top 3 places I've ever visited in the world, no joke. Some of the most amazing pics yet will be posted soon.

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Fiji - Pictures Only

Panorama from the Nadi Airport

Perhaps I found the entrance to....?

Early morning from the Rendezvous beach

The small things matter, too.

Tomo & I on the bus

Where we takeoff from...

Peace suckas!

'Tis Eye

I have no good shots of the surf. Here's Wilkes Pass

Taylor & Levi on the boat

A wave making its way through the channel is no bueno. This guy had to quickly move further out.

Stressed? No, not really...


Diving for sand to bring home

Simply Beautiful

Taylor, I, Levi - riding the train
Tomo - also riding train

Levi - the man

Levi - choppin' the coconut

I can't for the life of me remember her name, but she was always smiling and I like that =)

Post surfing - time to eat

The cat wants a bite too!

This is Kimmy - his parents apprently left him in Fiji after spending 2 months there. He's been there by himself for 2 weeks, just hanging out. A bit strange I thought, but cool nonetheless. He's learning English.

Levi sneaking a cart onto the track for us to ride.

View from one of the dirt roads outside the resort.

Rendezvous Surf & Dive Resort

There are tons of beautiful flowers and vegetation.


A small place to relax, all within one big place to relax...

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