May 16, 2008


Music: err..radiohead
My friend Cali asks if she can call me Idiot for short. I figured I'd elaborate after that request.

The only reason I use that tag is b/c it's more interesting than Mike, or Michael. My mom wanted to name me Amos - that could've worked.

Idioteque - a song by the band Radiohead. No apparent meaning behind it, but mr wiki-P states it's from Johnny Greenwood (producer and member of Radiohead) experimenting with samples and synthisizers back during the making of the Kid A album.

Radiohead - a personal favorite, top ten for sure.

This past Sunday night - it rained for what seemed like 24 hours straight. It was 40 degrees or less. I was at Nissan Pavilion (thankfully under covered seating) watching Radiohead. The show was sick, they were near perfect, and Thom Yorke and friends are genius, whether you dig the music or not.

So here's the song, Idioteque.

And here's a couple pictures I was able to capture before security zombies firebombed me to tragic ending. Blasphemy. I laugh until my head comes off.


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May 8, 2008

My New Anti-American Friend

Music: none currently

I was motivated by this as soon as it began. A few weeks ago I was downloading an album on Soulseek. Thing is, I don't share my music, therefore nobody can download from me. So upon queueing the album and returning to whatever it was I was doing at my desk, I later noticed the flicker of the shareware icon in my taskbar. Well the shareware has a chat mode, and although I've never used it really, I was getting pinged by someone...named danihell, a 23 yr old guy from Brasil.

From download to death in a matter of minutes...

[msc] the other reason I don't share is b/c if Soulseek were to ever get into legal trouble, I have a better chance of not getting in trouble myself
[danihell] i will never get in trouble because of this
[danihell] america sucks, man... hehehe
[msc] you don't like america seriously?
[danihell] seriously
[danihell] sorry
[msc] tell me why
[danihell] the republicans americans think they own the world
[msc] and...?
[danihell] and?!
[danihell] and you're nutz?
[msc] is that it then?
[msc] but how does that affect/bother you?
[danihell] man, this is not a little thing
[danihell] it will affect me... for sure...
[msc] for the record, i'm not republican, and I do not think i own the world
[danihell] thats good.
[danihell] you know that the chinese will destroy america some day, dont you?!
[danihell] because chinese people are NUTZ!!! and the american goverment annoy the chinese people
And there you have it. I'm thinking Dr. Strangelove and How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Atomic Bomb is starting to sound good right about now. Pop it in, light a cigar, and lets watch some face melting.

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