Sep 28, 2008

Mute Math Drummer

A studio vlog of Darren King - drummer in the band Mute Math.

Good stuff...

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Sep 26, 2008

The Daily Lifeku

Short and sweet...I share this recent find of a friend from a friend. Witty and quick out loud laughs - remind yourself not to be the person she's referring to most often if you can!

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Sep 7, 2008

Anthony & Becca Bronkema Wedding

This is my first video slideshow, but I think it came out pretty good. Had I known I was going to do this I would've gotten a wider variety of pictures from the wedding. These are all my shots, using a Nikon D80, 135mm lens and a Fisheye 10.5mm lens.

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Sep 2, 2008

Video In Reverse

This is by far one of the coolest videos I've seen in quite some time. While delving from page to page (you know, that create your own story process of hopping from one link to the next that the internet allows us to entertain?) I found a band called Mute Math. This is their video for one of their songs, Typical.

It's not so typical. As I have read, this claims to be One Take videography (everything done in one shot). I got that from
Dr. Rose. This is something I'll check out more because I'm not sure I fully understand it yet. Rose also mentions that they learned the lyrics in reverse for the video. Stay tuned...but in the meantime enjoy.

This was their "live" performance on Jimmy Kimmel - about the same, but in a different setting adding to the creativity of it all.

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