Nov 28, 2008

I Know You're Excited, But Stop Texting Me

Disclaimer: This is not to oppress the happy and excited people I know, nor derail our beautiful friendships.


It occurred to me that every holiday brings an influx of text messages to my phone. This Thanksgiving I received nearly 30 individual texts from friends and family simply stating "Happy Thanksgiving!!" For me to text all my friends would take forever, via multiple texts (since I can't just send one text to unlimited people at once). Am I missing something here? Do my friends gawk at my lack of response or lack of equal initiative? Are you seriously that excited to text bomb everyone you know with the cliche?

It reminded me that once I even received a text from a girl friend saying "Happy Daylights Saving" - wtf dude, where are you? Naturally, she's one of the happiest people I know, but still, that's just dodo.

So in response, and per daily inspiration from the wonderful Lifeku by Rachel, I've generated a Lifeku of my own; my first:

30 texts, really?
think green and save battery
My network is clogged

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Daughter said...

Seriously, I still say that I must be wildly unpopular... I am textless for the holidays. If I give you my phone number will you text me so I feel included? lol

msc said...

yes, in fact, if you give me your number, you'll be the only one I text just to make you feel even more special, and that way I satisfy my karma or whatever it's called.

Maggie said...

I received 15 texts before 10am on thanksgiving.
they each received a "fuck off" reply.